I’m Cristian Munteanu, I studied building engineering and architecture at the Università degli Studi di Padova where I got graduated in April 2020. One of my biggest passion is the graphic representation of architecture projects that was also the subject of my master degree thesis that I wrote during a 4 months traineeship (Erasmus) in Barcelona hosted by EMBT, one of the most renowned architecture firms in Spain. During this period I had also the opportunity to work with them on some projects on the visualization side.

Currently I'm working for bucharest.studio in Romania as a 3D Artist both on interior and exterior projects dealing with every phase of the process. Previously I've worked for Estudio Barozzi Veiga and Atelier Monolit also as a 3D Artist, during this two experiences I had the possibility to touch a wide variety of projects. I've approached also the sculpting techniques inside ZBrush in order to create 3D assets for virtual reality experiences and the creation of materials and texturing inside the Adobe Substance suite.

The first contact happened with ArchiCAD and Artlantis in high school, in short time I realized that they weren’t the right tools. Thus, I started to dig around and that led me to 3D Studio Max and VRay (afterwards I tried also Corona and I stick with it till now). I started studying on internet from tutorials and various articles and did some personal projects.

During this period, I realized that what I was doing was some sort of photography. Thus, I started to study both on books and on the filed with a DSLR camera that helped me to understand and to put in practice the principles of photography.

Meanwhile the university I had different experiences. I was inside an architecture studio in Padova where my main task was to support the designers visualizing their on-going projects. I had also the opportunity to take part to the Erasmus project twice, the first one was in Bucharest where I spent 10 months studying architecture and the second one is the one that I mentioned above in Spain.

Bucharest, Romaniacristian.munteanu07@gmail.com